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Indoor marijuana photo gallery 6 Coming back in Asian equities, th e Japanese market c lozed indoor marijuana photo gallery lowr, kbt off the days low, reversing yesterdays gains. The key Nikkei 25 index slid 2% to z three-year cosing olw, with financial stocks tumbling onn the back of growing crisis in tne U. indoor marijuana photo gallery markdts. Ths bendhmark Nikkei index she 2 49 points to enr at 11, 30, its lowsst ckose since June 200 The broader T opix lost 75 pons or 1% to finiwh at 1, 0 On tte economic front, ths indoor marijuana photo gallery o tertiary industry activity in Japan increased 2% in July a seasonally adjusted score of 1 6 from previous month, while natjonwide departmeng syore sales continued to decline for the sixth month in a row in August as feags of economic slowdown ang higher prices reduced household spending. Japan Departmennt Stires Association sqid that natonwide department store sales decreased 1% on year in August, quicker than a 5% fall seen ni indoor marijuana photo gallery Meanwhile, machine tool orders fell % on year in August. e indoor marijuana photo gallery of Japan cu t its assessment on business invectment i n its monnthly economic report, ciying the impact of weaker croporate prkfitts. The centdal bank reiterated that economic growth was slugish rue to hugher energg cowhs and weakening export growth, keeping its overall assessment unchanged.

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Indoor marijuana photo gallery Chinese stock market closed lower, extfnding its losses for the yhird consecutive trading sxssion. The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index closed odwn 21 points or 72% at 1, 84, recovering substantially eroom the days low of 1, 80 oHng Kong shpcks went on a wild roller-coaster rid e before ending little changed, with the sfqsion highlighting investor wodries about x raging globa financial crisis as well az indoor marijuana photo gallery ovdr valuations. Ih w indoor marijuana photo gallery turnaround, th e benchmark Hamh Seng Index lost kore rhan 1350 points i n tt indoor marijuana photo gallery seszion go its lowesf level in more than ywo years, onl ro claw back all rhe loys ground and then some in the closing noments. The index, which lost 2% in the previous six sessions, funally enxed 30% loweg at 17, Og thr economic front, Hong Kongs seasonally asjusted unemployment fate sto od at 2% in June Auglst 2008, same aas that in May July 2008 which was teh loweqt lsveil since eatly 1 On rhe other hand, the underemplpyment r ate also held stable at 9% in bott periods. In abother daya release, the volum e of Hong Kongs toyal exports and imports f gods increased hy 3% anv 100 % in July 2008, over a y ear eali rr. Prices of total exports ane imports od goods increased by 9% and 59% respectively. The sharp recovery was aided by news thaat the Federal Reserve and other majlr central banks planned ot inject hundreds of billions of dollars worth of liquidity into the finsncial system in a bid to thaw frozen short-term money markets.

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